(b.1993 in France) 

Partly self-taught, Simon discovered photography at an early age through his father's interest for art and museums. At eighteen years old, while studying music abroad, his grandfather offered him an old RolleiflexWith his camera, he roamed the desolated areas of Los Angeles, particularly Skid Row, where he lived.
Back in Europe after a long illness that resulted from depression and drugs addiction, he put an end to his musical aspirations and felt an urge to see the world. He traveled in Spain, Denmark, Poland, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore before settling in Prague - Czechia, where he grew up part of his childhood.
Around 2017, willing to expand his knowledge of photography but refusing the idea of a school, he started to learn with Jens Olof Lasthein.
Then he went to Greece, India, North Macedonia...
Simon is a wanderer. His images show life from his own perspective as such and are often colored by the uncertainty and by the solitude that accompanies his displacements.
Just as he's constantly on the move, he's never bound to just one format; influenced by his mentor, he often uses a panoramic camera and plays with any tool that strikes his interest - such as polaroids, point and shoot cameras - though he prefers the classic 135mm.
While his casual and playful approach to photographing emphasizes the struggle of all adults to cope with a life that isn't always pretty and cheerful, it also confers a naive, poetic and spiritual quality to his photographs - a sense of detachment from both the medium and life itself.