January 14, 
Arrived in Split 

Eyes inhabited by 24h of travel. 
Erasmus city atmosphere - by the sea ...Cobbled streets, with lots of sandwich bars along a promenade. Middle class and larger boats - yachts or ferries, a bit of everything; young children on a smartphone; Lots of young girls, selfie-girls - heads down. (...)
First drink.

January 15, early morning.
Departure from Split

In the sea side bus: the sun on the horizon, like a dream that fades, colors the wave - like the beginning or the end of summer.(An old schizophrenic man talks to one of his imaginary friends in the window, laughs at his jokes. 
The palm trees bring me back to the images of a past life ... 


(Advances of lands, in a water that sparkles with bad memories).
Mini van for Trebinje.


Departure from Bosnia, towards Montenegro.The driver offers to exchange my remaining Bosnian money for Euros in Montenegro. I don’t understand what he wants, he calls the English speaker: a woman as beautiful as a strawberry lollipop, with fuchsia pink false nails, gets off the bus to translate. 
Engines on... 
The smoke of a waking village that clings to a mountain, and the trails of airplanes in the blue complaint of the sky -, and all of that reflected like a parallel universe in the windless water of a lake. 


Transit, 3 hours wait, from one bar to another. TVs change. From money games to naked women. And vice versa. 


Day drinking. Rainy day.

4 p.m.
sitting at a restaurant.
Centiliters accumulate, - cars pass like in the grooves of a record, and the rain on the thin roof outside, like stardusts creaking...
The bar sings: "Angela, Angela".

5-6 pm. 
Vranec finished: like a first love. 
Return to the hotel on a flying carpet.